When you are looking to buy cars in Dubai, there are many factors to take into account. The process can become quite overwhelming. There are plenty of cars for sale in Dubai. Fortunately, we have laid out the main points to think about before buying a used car in Dubai. Read on and you’ll feel more confident in purchasing the right car of your dreams.

What Kind of Car Do You Want?

Cars tend to be extensions of one’s personality, so you’ll probably gravitate toward cars that fit yours. Most car buyers know what they don’t like, so that thins the field out some more. But they got baffled in what to choose from? Like those between new or used, petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric power and even a choice as simple as body style. So, before going to buy a car, make sure what kind of car do you want according to your needs? Is having a luxury car important to you, or is safety your number one consideration? Be honest with yourself and what trade-offs you can handle. Is comfort and convenience important enough that you would drive a minivan, or would the stereotype of minivan drivers push you to a crossover an SUV?

Listen to the engine

It’s a common trick of used car salesmen to turn on the radio during a test drive – turn it off and listen to the engine. Is it running smoothly, or does it sound rough and noisy? If it’s the latter, it might have been neglected.

Test the brakes

If you get the chance without a car behind you, try going hard on the brakes. Does it stop cleanly, in a straight line without pulling to one side? Are there any unusual noises? Check the handbrake works effectively also, many vehicles are now fitted with electronic handbrakes – make sure it functions correctly.

Check the temperature gauge when you start it

Has the seller been warming the car up beforehand? If so, why? Check that the engine starts OK from cold if possible to do so. Also, try turning it off and on after it’s been running for a while to make sure it starts when it’s warm.

Do you like it?

As well as being an opportunity to look for faults on a secondhand car, the test drive is a good opportunity to make sure you’re buying the right car for you. Is the driving position comfortable? Would you be happy driving it for the journeys you do? Even used, a car is a big investment, so make sure you’re entirely certain with your choice.